In Playland

Seventh Gallery, Melbourne, 9th Nov -7th Dec. 2016


Everyone knows the bit in Collodi’s novel where Pinocchio, having travelled through the night on the back of a talking donkey, arrives happily in ‘Playland’. In his description of this infantile utopian republic, Collodi has left us the image of a universe where there is nothing but play…. The immediate result of this invasion of life by play is a change and acceleration of time.

Giorgio Agamben    Infancy and History  


Hours, days and weeks pass like lightening.  Yet making art in close proximity to an infant becomes a way of slowing time, of holding onto “the gestural, mimetic, ludic and other semiotic systems” of play.  Plaster casting thus becomes a stilling of playtime.

Raphael in studio


Raphael detail

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