Title: Apian Utopias: Small Architecture for Bees

West Space Gallery, Melbourne

7 wall beehives corner view

reticello lens  photo


Apian Utopias Small Architecture for Bees: Tokyo Ginza rooftop Beehive project

Youkobo Art space, Tokyo

elizbeth bees at Ginza low res jpg


beekeeper clothes

beekeeper kimono detail



 Animal bodies: Echidna / Human

Materials: plaster, glass, thread, wax.


An installation comprised of vessels-like forms. The first is a series of casts of holes, left in the sand by echidna’s digging with their snouts for ants and earthworms.   The second are glass forms, cast from lumps of clay pressed into my palm; and spindle-like forms wrapped in thread.  Both animal and human forms show something of a primal gesture, proper to the snout and the face, the palm and the fingers.   Both reveal something proper to culture – echidna culture, human culture.


glass and silk orange thread glass

photo[1] photo[3]

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