Living Everyday by Art

Youkobe Contemporary Art Space, Tokyo


My work on the Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon

Things that look ordinary but become extraordinary - when feeling sad about leaving for Japan I notice a small black spot on the white sheets of my bed.  It turns out to be a little mole shed during the night from the back of a gentleman. When picking it up on my finger-tip and placing it in my pocket before departing for the airport, I remember earlier that month seeing the planet Venus as a little black spot crossing the sun. How extraordinary that a small black spot should become a sign of love.On the train into Tokyo I notice everywhere bed-clothes hanging over balconies to catch the morning sun. I wonder if in Japan each morning it rains little black spots and other things shed from the bodies of lovers.In Shinjuku at a book-store I notice on the cover of a book a small black spot on a woman’s dress. Utako tells me it is a book about ghosts. Stepping outside, the rain leaves dark spots on my grey silk dress.



Dispiriting things – My friend, a philosopher in London loves Missoni. I too love Missoni – the alluring colours and the textures of their woven garments. I even love their male shop assistants, who look at the customers with bored and discouraging contempt. It is a dispiriting thing that I don’t own a Missoni, while he owns heaps of them, as Missoni could be said to lend him a lurid brilliance.Sigmund Freud claimed weaving was prompted by imitation and lack (penismangel). He believed it to be a libidinous substitute and woman’s only invention! It is most dispiriting for a woman to know that someone could imagine such things. A woman would prefer to have about her a man with good structure who owns a collection of colourful scarves. He has a blue shirt, she has a blue dress.  They both have blue eyes.  It would be quite dispiriting if they were not of different shades.




 Screen Test 508

Screenspace Gallery , Melbourne

A collaboration with Christopher Koller, 2011-2012.

Photos by Matthew Stanton, 2011.

download Screet test 508 catalogue from    http://www.screenspace.com/screenspace.html






Title: Missoni Love


Materials: plaster silk, wool and cotton threads.



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