all together now


video (45 minutes) installation

filmed by Kasimir Burgess

This work is comprised a green silk Chinese robe,a  text of a Japanese translation of Freund und Feinde; das absolute, by  Alexander García Düttmann; and a video by Kasimir Burgess of a reading and translation by a Japanese artist, Utako Shinto.

A work enacted in friendship is an accretion, a daily weaving of words, thoughts, marks and stains,  frayed edges, loose threads and imperfections of that which touches, hooks and haunts the skin.  The  softness  of a garment  becomes a second skin – an aromatic  iridescence of embroidered bamboo forests and orange peonies.  It somehow fits.  Yet the silk holds its own chill, its own weight of un-conforming folds – secretions of a foreign tongue, a friend.














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