Au fond des Images

Materials: human hair, milk, cotton cloth, satin lining.

Dimensions: variable

This work takes its title from a text by  Jean-Luc Nancy.

This work is a reminiscence on the time spent in a small studio with my daughters Anastasia and Dom overlooking the Seine in Paris.  It is comprised of the remnants of  materials, and the often unnoticed traces of daily routines, actions and habits that shaped this time and has the sadness of a souvenir.

These fragments, – the long dark hair collected from the hair brushes and sink each day, the frayed white  summer dress, the tangled  threads of a  piece of cotton cloth, the puddle of milk – have been gathered, knotted and tied together, laid and poured out as a remapping of this site.  The lengths of  hair become a rosary of threaded moments, recollected and recited each time anew.    The knots trace the passages of time shared.  Now the remainder of these days, their textures and gestures  accrue as images – images somatically imprinted.  This is then “for one who lives all the time there” the ground behind the image.





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